Elle Fanning Share Her Photos On Social Media

Elle Fanning Share Her Photos On Social Media

Elle Fanning Share Her Photos On Social Media and Elle Fanning is “scared” of Twitter.

The ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ star has admitted that whilst she’s a big fan of photo sharing site Instagram, she would rather not post on Twitter, because she finds the social media platform “so intense”.

She said: “Twitter scares me! Oh my God, Twitter is so intense. Instagram I do enjoy; I have a private account and a public account.”

However, Elle always makes sure to be careful when exploring Instagram, as she can still fall victim to the downsides of social media, such as “comparing” herself to other people.

She added: “I do think there are dangers that I totally fall into, of looking down that rabbit hole, comparing yourself to everybody else and seeing, Oh, their life, that vacation. I try to keep it light and tell fans about movies that are coming out or about a photo shoot. That can get really intense too.”

The 21-year-old actress also admitted she does read comments fans leave on her posts, and insisted that all stars read their social media comments, even if they claim they don’t.

Elle said: “People can say they don’t read any comments, but … Mmm, yeah, you do! I do! Of course you look! ‘Oh, your ankles look huge.’ What the heck?! It is bizarre, like, who is this person?”

The star even checks out her own pictures, and often can’t believe how young she still looks.

Speaking to Marie Claire magazine’s February issue, she said: “I look at photos, and I looked the same when I was 11. I’m told I have a very period face. I don’t know what that means. I probably will be 35 and people will still go, ‘Awww!’ My sister [Dakota Fanning] feels that way too because people feel like they’ve known you since you were the six-year-old kid in the film.”

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