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Rachel Rye Keller (born December 25, 1992) is an American actress, known for her role as Sydney "Syd" Barrett in the FX television series Legion. Rachel Keller is an actress that’s gotten attention at this point but hasn’t gotten so much that she’s become the next breakout star. While she is in a couple of noted shows she’s also still building a career that’s taken her six years to develop at the moment. She hasn’t been idle in the least and to be honest she’s pretty good. But with less than a decade under her belt right now it seems apparent that she’s going to have to step it up just a bit in order to really get noticed for some worthy parts. As of now she’s doing pretty good by having been cast in the productions that are on her resume, but in the future we can only hope to see more of her as she continues to build on her name and find parts that she can take on without too much difficulty. The next generation of stars is active at this moment and Keller is among their number, one can only imagine just how things are going to go in the next ten years or so.